Aljaž is a world renowned Magic performer, inventor and author with over 10 years of professional experience. His mission is bringing ASTONISHMENT back to everyday lives of as many people as possible. Astonishment and Wonder are catalysts for human CURIOSITY, so Aljaž uses them to engage his audience in critical thinking. At the same time he likes to have a lot of fun and brings PASSION for Life and Magic to every event where he performs.



Book Aljaž for an appearance at your next event. Whether it is a wedding, cocktail party, corporate event or a celebration of any kind, Aljaž will help make it astonishing and unforgettable.

The strongest magic happens right in front of peoples noses. It is the most intimate way to witness impossible things and invokes a true sense of wonder. Aljaž will entertain your guests with a unique combination of charm, passion for life and stunning magic. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, receptions, or similar functions.

Parlour magic is ideal for audiences from 20 up to 200 people where you and your guests enjoy a 30-45 minute show from the comfort of your seats. Using coins, playing cards, glasses, water, fire, music, laughter and audience participation, Aljaž creates a mini theatre performance that places you, the audience in the centre of it. He will also integrate your event theme, products, or guest of honour if you’d like.

Your event might benefit from having a combined magical experiences for your guests, such as strolling magic for the reception, followed by a small stage show for the entire room. Aljaž can help you decide how to best add magic to your event so it is affordable, astonishing, and memorable!


Aljaž performed in a successful family theatre show titled Stok Uit Hoed with the percussion group Slagwerk Den Haag. The show was contracted for 2 seasons, ending in 2018 and played in the following 18 theatres over 50 times. A big THANK YOU goes to all the teams and organisers of all the theatres AND Slagwerk Den Haag for this amazing opportunity.

You can regularly see Aljaž performing Close-Up Magic and a small part of his Parlour show on every first Tuesday of every month in The Amsterdam Magic Show held currently at the Boom Chicago theatre.

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