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In this long awaited publication, Aljaž shares all of his material that was worthy of developing in the last decade and has served him well with entertaining lay audiences as well as fooling quite a few magicians along the way. We all stand on the shoulders of giants and in this book, there are some silent homages to the giants directly influencing Aljaž’ material. See if you can spot them.
“Aljaž has put together some quality items that are well within the ability of most magicians”
Jon Allen

“In this book, Aljaž has crafted six visual wonders, lucidly taught and intelligently structured”
John Guastaferro

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The material is strong, practical and useful for a strolling magician. Some effects and techniques might be challenging and require a bit more practice however as in all great magic, it will be worth it.


G-link: An impromptu link & unlink of 2 rubber-bands with some very visual and strong convincers.
enOssalG: An impromptu , extremely visual and fooling, three phase 2 coins through glass routine that could get you bookings alone. It has served Aljaž well over the years. First version published in MAGIC Magazine in October 2012.
Rock&Roll Inc.: The audience is offered an explanation to how two rubber bands might create an illusion of being linked together. The “lesson” then turns on its head and leaves the audience baffled.
Jazzy Collectors: This is Aljaž’ take on the classic Collectors plot. If done correctly, it might become your favourite.
Jazz Band: A multiphase routine where a rubber band can seemingly melt through your skin, fabric, turns invisible and just as easily appears right back on your wrist, where it started. Featuring the Slip-Grip, a principle that hopefully sparks your own creative magic juices.
The Proof Vanish: This unique way of vanishing a coin will not only leave your spectators in awe, but leave actual proof of the vanished object behind. Use it in any of your existing coin routines.

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