Sophisticardated by Rico Weeland


AllJazz Originals is proud to present Sophisticardated by Rico Weeland.


Rico is a talented and seriously dedicated student of Magic from The Netherlands that has impressed the likes of Michael Vincent (who is mentoring him), Peter Pellikaan and almost anyone that has seen him perform or lecture. What sets him apart from the crowd are not only his age (22) his skills and creativity but his dedication to the creation of magical atmosphere as oppose to merely creating and performing magic tricks. He has lectured all around Europe including the Kraków Magic Session in Poland, Congress Magico Centro Italia, The Magic Circle in London and many more.


In this new download he shares two of his favourite effects that he previously published in his Circle Notes.


Philosopher’ Stone is a beautiful transformation of three freely chosen cards, caused by the Ace of Spades


*Mac Merlin’ Aces is Rico’ take on the MacDonald’ Aces plot that has solutions that we believe elevate it above previous versions as it takes away certain moves and simplifies the set up at the same time.

*The Mac Merlin’ Aces routine requires the same gimmicked cards as the classic MacDonald’ Aces, which are not provided with the download.


  • 23min of detailed and clear instructions of all moves
  • Credits and references for further study and practice included 
  • Difficulty: intermediate



“This new video download from AllJazz Original features sophisticated card magic from Rico Weeland. The instructions will focus your attention on the classical elements that get straight to the source of powerful card magic. Rico’s heroes will be found in the classic text of card magic like Vernon, LePaul and Expert Card Technique, so you must come to this conversation having done your homework. This material is magical, effective and will put your skills to the test. I feature a few of Rico’s ideas in my original compositions. I am confident his thinking and magical expression can have a positive impact on your work. This is good stuff. Highly recommended.”
– Michael Vincent ® 2020


“Rico Weeland is a gem! Being that good at such young age is just wonderful. I look forward to his future offerings.”
– Michal Kociołek


“Rico’s handling of the McDonalds aces is one of my favourites. Logical, full of great details and clear teaching. Buy This!”.
– Daniel Chard

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