The Utility Shuffle Project


(VIDEO ABOVE) 4 Coin Production using The Utility Shuffle

In this 18min instructional video, Aljaz delves into his exploration of more than a decade of ideas and applications with The Utility Shuffle. This is a unique technique of an In-The-Hands/Waterfall Riffle Shuffle that allows for a hold out and production of almost any small object on top of a deck of cards right after the shuffle.


No extra movement, the hands move exactly as they should when executing the normal shuffle but yet, you are able to produce 1, 2 or 4 coins, a lighter, folded card(s), mint box, etc., right after the shuffle is finished and the normal squaring actions are completed.
This shuffle has fooled some of the finest magicians today, will fool your audiences but most importantly, it WILL spark your creative juices to find its many uses and applications.

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