Which Money Card? by Danny Urbanus

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Danny Urbanus shares his take on the 3 Card Monte.

You will learn a routine you can use on your social media as well as in real life situations. Clear, direct, visual and strong. Four words that not only describe this routine but all of Danny’ repertoire.


Pure sleight of hand and moderately easy to do (intermediate level).

17min of detailed video instructions that include the table version and an in-the-hands version (you need one participant)



“Danny does it again! Something you will use, I am adding this to my repertoire!!”

– Nicholas Lawrence


“Danny’ Which Money Card? turns the 3 card monte effect on its head! Usually monte effects are predictable and make the spectator feel like a sucker. Danny fixes this problem by jamming in moment after moment of visual magic leaving the spectator’ mind blown and their ego intact.”

– Myles Thornton

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Which Money Card? by Danny Urbanus

  1. Red King (verified owner)

    This is so good! I highly reccomend this monte and I think its one of the best ones out there! The production quality of the video is amazing and the explanation os so well taught and easy to follow… Danny goes through some awesome bonus routines that you will definitely use… I would pay twice the price of this for what you get… Absolutely love it! Thanks a lot guys.? Great job!!!

  2. Eugene Lucas (verified owner)

    Saw Danny perform this on Instagram and was blown away. When it became available I was excited to learn the techniques, as I’m fairly new to sleight of hand.. Within a few hours of practice I was surprising myself. The download was good quality and easy to follow. I promise this is one you’ll want to keep performing!!! Awesome job ?

  3. Jim Canaday

    Like a lot of you I first cut my card magic teeth on doing packet tricks. My gods were Phil Goldstein, Nick Trost and Emerson and West. The tricks were usually fairly simple to perform, packed a big punch and quite often featured specially printed cards.I still have a few of these in my magic drawer and no longer have any idea how to do them. After a while, the young magic lovers told me that they didn’t care for packet tricks. They would usually use just a straight deck. The more I worked with cards, the more this made good sense to me. Why carry a pocket full of gaff cards when you could accomplish a miracle using regular cards. Well, Danny Urbanis has come up with a great packet trick using cards I know you already have. Regular cards, no gaffs. And this routine kills.

    This is the third release from Danny and each one is brilliant. Boderica allows you to do a rising card routine on the fly and Lazy Man’s Penetration is one of the more impressive rubber band routines that I have see. (By the way, both of these are also available from your Murphy’s dealer). So when I saw this new routine was available I jumped on it.

    Which Money Card? is Danny’s take on the monte theme. There are zero gaffs involved and a set of the needed cards can be assembled from the extra cards in your drawer. There are no difficult moves but this is about the most visual eye candy that I have seen in a monte. The first phase alone had me playing with it quite a while. When the jokers instantly turn into the Queens is startling. What is even more startling is how easily this is done, almost self working. This can be done slowly or rapidly. (I prefer doing it a little faster but both ways are quite deceptive).

    After the initial handling, he shows a version that is done in the hands of your spectator. The moves are mostly the same, any variations are minor. The idea of having your spectator do some of the work for you makes it, I feel, more deceptive and powerful. I also like the idea of letting the spectator replace the card at the end.

    You are given a bonus file where the monte is done with a single card torn into four pieces. He uses an ace for the instruction and it seems as if this is the best choice for the visual aspect of this variation. This is a nice bonus but I happen to like the version with the full cards better. The face cards make a better display than the quarter cards which have almost no design. I am sure this would be a great routine for a lot of you but I will stick with my choice.

    This is about the best non-gaffed monte routine that I have seen. It is very visual and both fun and easy to do. I like to carry a packet trick or two in my pocket when I go out. This will be one of them. Recommended.

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